The BEST Investment


Ah, February, the month of love! I am a celebrator of all things Hallmark, mainly because behind the over the top in your face marketing, is the basic idea of expressing gratitude to those around you. One of the people that I want to express gratitude this year is to Moi. Yep, to me, myself, and I.

To follow suit on my 2017 year of challenges theme, I decided to gift myself something that would be more like an investment. No, not a material investment… but one that is richer, and more invaluable. I decided to gift myself a gift of skill expansion.

Though I am a girl who loves to shop, and typically gift myself something indulgent, switching it up this year makes the nerd in me is oh-so excited

Udemy is having a sale on online courses with a discount code for the month of February, with classes as low as $10 (that’s two lattes!): 1RBEF202

Udemy offers a plethora of courses online. Language, professional advancement, writing, test prepping, heck- even cooking! I decided to sign up for a  couple of courses: a cooking one (I’m pretty decent but the $10 reeled me in), one related to blogging, and one related to my career; a database course.

The database course is completely out of my wheelhouse, but I decided to sign up for it for the challenge. Data is a big buzz word in technology right now and has been a subject of curiosity to me as we move more towards a data driven word.

I believe it is imperative to keep yourself educated on the trends of the workplace regardless of what your niche expertise is. Though I may not be using this technology today, it will open doors for me tomorrow should I want a seat at the table in a corporate setting working alongside organizational development teams. The more transferable and broad your knowledge is of not only your day to day task, the more fluidly you can transfer to other roles should you want to switch careers later on.

So I challenge you, sweet readers, this month of love to give yourself a hug in the form of an investment to you from you. If you want to boost your confidence in the kitchen, finally prepare for that certification, or expand or branch out in your career there is no better time than now.

Adding course completions to your LinkedIn profile and your resume help illustrate that you are self-motivated, an independent learner, and committed to keeping yourself competitive within your craft.

Stuck on where to start investingwhen it comes to skill engancement? Here are some tips:

  • Think of your current role at work, and how what you do on a day to day basis integrates will other departments. Is there an opportunity for you to grow and expand there?
  • Is there a skill you would like to learn that can help you in your current role: presentations, public speaking?
  • Are you looking to brush up on your skills in an “intern-like” environment? Type in “intern” in your subject of choice to see if there are some courses with projects that stimulate the intern experience online.

Remember, the most significant relationship is the one you have with yourself, and there is no better investment you could ever make outside of investing in YOU.



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